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Offering only the best in Marine Controls since 1939

                                                                                                                 When it has to work every time!


                     From our award winning flagship engine controls to our state of the art Trolling Valve System,

                      you'll find Panish controls in vessels ranging from a sport fisherman to a U.S. Navy Minesweeper.

                            And all vessels in between. 

      Our commitment to service and support is why our clients are with us.

                                                                                                       And why they stay with us.

      With the unique ability to customize our fittings, cables and controls to any application,

            Panish Marine Systems is the clear choice

                                                             when itís time for retrofitting, servicing or upgrading.

         The home of the original multiple point single lever control system, we proudly

       manufacture the highest quality control systems for most vessels up to 130 feet.

             As Panish Marine Systems continues the 70 year legacy of Panish Controls,
                      our commitment to excellence is still unrivaled in the industry.

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